LWK-K 305

Foldable Attic Ladder

LWK-K 305 (60×130)

The LWK wooden foldable attic ladder is a popular ladder model with anti-termite treated specially to suit Bronte Attic’s standard. Designed for floor to ceiling height up to 3.05metres, 3 – section folding equipped with two handrail and option to add a special supporting mechanism for a folding & unfolding the ladder, fully assembled, ready to install.
Ladder Model
Ceiling Height
Capacity Weight Tread Length
Opening Size
LWK-K Up to 3.05M 160kg spread load 30.5kg 340mm 570mm x 1290mm


Stile Ends

White Hatch with PVC Lining

Non-slip treads protuding from strings

160kg spread load